Meet Würth Additive Group's Strategic Vendors

Product Line Up of 3D Printers

Our 3D printing partners are what makes Würth Additive Group unique and simplified. Through these partnerships, we’re able to offer a range of additive manufacturing capabilities to our customers, from cutting-edge scanning and design software, to 3D printing in a variety of materials like metals, carbon fiber, plastics, and resins, to post-processing those prints to exact specifications, and more.

Read on to learn more about our vendors and the capabilities they provide our customers.


Markforged, the creator of The Digital Forge, the intuitive additive manufacturing platform for modern manufacturers, is bringing the power and speed of agile software development to industrial manufacturing. Composed of hardware, software, and materials working seamlessly on a unified platform, it’s purpose-built to integrate into your existing manufacturing ecosystem and eliminate the barriers between design and functional part.

Digital Forge adopters reap immediate benefits through significant time and cost savings on parts. Through increased adoption, the platform can drive competitive advantages by making entire operations more agile and efficient.

Markforged’s line of industrial 3D printers is capable of printing prototypes and fully-functional parts in metal, carbon fiber, ULTEM™, and more.

Learn more about Markforged here.

Rapid Shape

Setting a new standard in speed and accuracy, Rapid Shape’s industrial 3D printers use Digital Light Processing (DLP) to photo-cure liquid resin layer by layer. Their printers are open material systems with fully-automated part removal, allowing for 24/7, hands-off production.

Rapid Shape's patented generative technology has been in research and development with corresponding resins for several years to ensure optimum production for the industrial market. By validating end-to-end workflow and collaboration with Henkel-Loctite, new material parameters are created every day to bring the best results possible. Access to Loctite’s material library provides tested, approved, and validated materials for a variety of applications.


Covestrois among the world’s leading polymer companies. They are focused on manufacturing high-tech polymer materials and developing innovative, sustainable solutions for products used in many areas of daily life. Covestro develops sustainable solutions for challenges caused by climate change, resource depletion, and urban expansion.

These solutions come in the form of long-lasting, light, environmentally-friendly, and cost-effective materials, which in many cases are suitable replacements for conventional materials such as steel and glass. Covestro is guided by a focus on innovation and sustainability, and their objective: “To make the world a brighter place”.

Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes Additive Manufacturing Servicesprovides a complete additive manufacturing value chain, including a commercial ecosystem for on-demand parts and services. Their additive manufacturing service leverages the engineering expertise and resources of Baker Hughes to expand the design and manufacturing of materials, company interaction, and local industry development.

Applying additive manufacturing technology enables customers to create more efficient and durable replacement parts and connect to an ecosystem that enables the industrialization of additive manufacturing, drastically cutting operational costs and manufacturing lead times.


ARBURGhas over 65 years of experience in manufacturing systems for plastics processing, specializing in molding, turnkey systems, and additive manufacturing.

ARBURG’s additive technology takes the open material printing platform to a new level by utilizing thermoplastic pellets to print single or multi-material components for functional prototyping and production applications. Powerful software allows users to change part densities and customize print jobs.

AM Solutions

AM Solutions, a brand of the Rösler Group, offers equipment, process technologies, and consumables tailored for automated 3D post-processing for single-piece manufacturing and volume production.

Whether your focus is on unpacking, removal of powder and support structures, surface homogenization and smoothing, polishing, or the application of a color dye—with AM Solutions’ broad know-how in additive manufacturing and decades of experience in surface preparation and surface finishing, we can offer you a perfect solution from a single source, irrespective of the material used and printing method.


SHINING 3D is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise focusing on high-precision 3D digital software and hardware technology based on computer vision. Their focus is the research and development, production, and sales of digital 3D scanning equipment & software.

SHINING 3D has independently developed core technologies such as structured light stereo matching and a 3D reconstruction algorithm, a 3D vision measurement high-precision calibration algorithm, high-quality 3D data intelligent processing and design software, camera and projection core component design, and optical, mechanical, electrical integration control systems.

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