Würth Industry North America’s Commitment to Sustainability

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Both here at Würth Industry North America and across the Würth Group’s global presence, we are committed to protecting our planet and making ourselves and our customers more sustainable.

Sustainability is truly built into our business—we develop comprehensive inventory management solutions that maximize our customers’ efficiency of purchasing, production, and material flow, which in turn reduces their environmental footprint.

WINA Sustainability
  • We reduce the emissions produced by product transportation by consolidating suppliers, and by using our data-driven approach to inventory management to order exactly the amount of product our customers need, at exactly the right time.
  • Our vending solutions for MRO and safety supplies reduce product consumption by up to 35%—which means that 35% less product needs to be created and packaged.
  • Our industrial 3D printing and digital inventory solutions further reduce transportation needs and energy use by bringing manufacturing into customers’ facilities, eliminating the need to transport prototypes and even fully-functional parts from across the globe.

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  • Our Kanban racking systems maximize our customers’ facilities by saving up to 40% of shelf space, requiring less energy to manage more parts.
  • Our global network of Supplier Quality Engineers ensures that the parts we supply are source controlled to only qualified manufacturers that meet our rigorous standards and all applicable legal requirements for quality and responsibility.
WINA Internal Environmental Initiatives

In addition to making our customers more sustainable, we also engage in internal environmental initiatives at our facilities to reduce our pressure on the environment. Using low-emission lighting, migrating from liquefied petroleum to electric forklifts in our warehouses, and recycling our cardboard and IT equipment are just a few of the ways that we work to protect the environment each day.

The Circular Way

As a member of the Würth Group, we are committed to executing on their three pillar goals for sustainability for the organization: carbon neutrality, creation of a circular economy, and social responsibility.

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Circular Economy Model

Würth Industry North America’s Green Team

Rainer Bürkert, Member of the Central Managing Board of the Würth Group and head of Würth’s global Industry companies, led the creation of “Green Team” sustainability task forces in Würth Industry companies in Europe, Asia, and North America to execute the Würth Group’s pillar goals at the regional level.

The Green Teams develop practical solutions to improve their business units’ sustainability and conduct comprehensive sustainability reporting for the Würth Group’s corporate sustainability report. This reporting is aligned with the global sustainability indicators of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the accounting standard for greenhouse gas emissions according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, and the strategic direction laid out by the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs).

It's important to us that the actions we take to improve our sustainability come from inside our organization and can be tested and implemented by individuals who understand our business. That's why the Würth Industry North America Green Team is made up of sustainability advocates from our team, who have come together across different departments and divisions.

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Green Team

Würth Sustainability Expert Panel

Watch our webinar recording featuring a panel of sustainability advocates and experts from Würth Group, Würth Industry North America, and Würth Additive Group to learn about how Würth is making ourselves and our customers more sustainable!

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Mossy Earth Logo

We are proud to sponsor Mossy Earth, an organization that rewilds ecosystems around the world. Mossy Earth plants native trees and plants, monitors and relocating native animal species, cleans waste, and more. These activities result in restored key ecosystem processes, improved habitat integrity and biodiversity, greater economic value to local communities, carbon sequestration, and more.