Kanban System Point-of-Use Inventory Storage


Our inventory system is focused on keeping your parts fully stocked and easily available for your employees to access, especially with our CPS®KANBAN multi-bin storage system using RFID technology. It’s a modular system allowing tailored solutions and numerous benefits for your business.

Customized to your facility, our Kanban storage system provides:

  • Space-saving multi-bin and rack storage units
  • Proactive inventory management with maximized reliability
  • Just-in-time C-Parts access
  • Barcodes identifying customer, storage location, item, bin, batch, and quantity
  • Online tracking and monitoring of product levels with inventory software
Male Employee Organizing a Kanban System

Meaning "visible record" in Japanese, a Kanban system utilizes a multi-bin system based on barcodes to provide a continuous supply of goods so that production personnel have what they need, when and where they need it. Würth's Kanban System is supported by CPSGlobal, our specially developed software, which allows for proactive program management and continuous bin-level monitoring and adjustment. Whether interested in a basic or full-service system, the Kanban system provides a seamless, secure supply of goods.

The flow of materials in a Kanban system is managed with two bins, each of which has a barcoded Kanban label or RFID tag--specifying the customer, storage location, item, bin, batch and quantity in more detail.

Each bin movement is captured and documented, so that we can give you information about the status of your Kanban system at any time. The data is used to schedule all of your assembly components or industrial supplies close to the point of use, to optimize stock levels and warehouse technology regularly and to update statistical data.

At the same time, a variety of special parts, engineered parts, PPE, MRO, and specific commodity groups may be handled just as effectively. Our team handles your specific, cost-optimized solution in consultation with all of your departments. We implement the system in coordination with your company, and provide further support for product standardization of your items.

For a Customized Inventory Management Program: