Supplier Quality Engineering (SQE)

Würth is committed to continuous improvement both internally and externally, which is why we invested in our Supplier Quality Engineering (SQE) division. This group works closely with our purchasing departments, engineers and, most importantly, our suppliers to proactively improve the quality of the components we procure.

Employee Using a Hardness Tester Machine

We understand that active supplier management is a key element in ensuring product quality. Local auditors are present on-site in our most important procurement markets--making it possible to assess suppliers immediately and track implementation.

SQE’s responsibilities include:

  • Continually working with suppliers to improve performance and implement process controls and quality plans
  • Analyzing supplier capabilities; developing and maintaining supplier quality metrics
  • Performing supplier audits and driving improvement
  • Developing new work processes, tools and functional capabilities while maintaining and improving existing quality system processes

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