Protecting the Quality and Integrity of Your Parts


Whether you’re building buses or bridges, your reputation depends on manufacturing a quality product. You need to know the parts you use will meet or exceed your quality standards.

At Würth, our focus is on providing the right parts at the right time. We take proactive measures to maintain our own high-quality standards, and to ensure the integrity of the parts we supply through our inventory management solutions.

It’s why we developed CPS®EQS, a comprehensive quality management system that goes far beyond inspections. Based on the stringent and varying quality requirements of our diverse customer base, it guarantees we can tailor a program to meet the quality needs of your business.

Quality is at the Forefront of Everything We Do

As your partner, our renowned customer service ensures that our quality standards satisfy yours. Here are some of the steps we take to certify the parts we provide are reliable and trustworthy:

Male Employee Using Rockwell Hardness Tester
  • We keep all part requirements, print specifications, and inspection records on file in our proprietary quality management software
  • All worldwide and regional quality labs are FQA-compliant, ISO-certified, and offer lot traceability
  • We apply in-house quality capabilities, such as testing processes for tension, hardness, and other key characteristics
  • We perform regular supplier evaluations and on-site audits so we’re able to use the best suppliers for your parts
  • Our quality system offers customer- and industry-specific inspection programs with online accessibility through quality software that’s easy to use and features advanced reporting capabilities

From simple dimensional layouts and certificates of conformance to the complex and in-depth requirements of the military, we’re fully capable of customizing a quality program for you.

Employee Using a Coordinate Measuring Machine to Measure the Geometry of Part

Our extensive testing capabilities include:

  • A2LA Accredited Quality Lab in network (certificate number 2816.01)
  • Non-contact measurement using LaserLab™, the world's first three-dimensional bench-top laser inspection system
  • Plating thickness utilizing X-Ray fluorescence
  • Micro hardness
  • Hydrogen embrittlement
  • Joint analysis
  • Case depth
  • Surface finish
  • Prevailing torque
  • Torsional strength
  • Coordinate-measuring machine

For a Customized Quality Control Program


Get to know our Würth Industry of North America Quality Control staff!

Our dedicated Quality Control team spans across North America and offers an incredible breadth of technical expertise to our customers.