Custom Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Programs


Speed, flexibility, efficiency, shorter time to market – are all key drivers of business success in today’s competitive environment. That means effective inventory management is vital.

Maintaining an ideal stock of fasteners, which have low value but high procurement and processing costs, can be an expensive, time-consuming task. The challenge increases when you consider the constant need for specialty fasteners, safety supplies, tools, and other necessary industrial items. At Würth, we provide you with a customized vendor managed inventory (VMI) program that manages your fastener inventory automatically and cosely tracks your material flow.

Your Benefits

  • Reducing your supplier base with one single source
  • Tailor-made logistics and supply solutions
  • Delivering product, direct to your point-of-use
  • Fully automated supply of parts
  • Maximizing efficiency of purchasing, production, and material flow
  • Transparency of data, reporting, and tracking
  • Use of innovative technologies like RFID and more
  • Personal on-site support
Würth’s Kanban two-bin vendor managed inventory VMI program for industrial inventory management of fasteners

Automated. Direct. Reliable

Our focus is on developing comprehensive, custom vendor managed inventory programs. You need your production line to keep moving, so that your business can keep growing. That means you need an industrial inventory management system that ensures you have the necessary parts and industrial supplies on hand to maintain productivity.

At Würth, we understand the complexity of supply chain management, and we know that the maintenance and coordination of your industrial supply can be overwhelming.

That's why we create a VMI program that is right for you--providing maximum efficiency, control, and transparency. When you don't have to worry about your inventory, you can focus on business-critical tasks that have significant impact on your bottom line.

For a Customized Inventory Management Program: