3D Printing: How Does it Work?

Würth 3D Printing Team

Every year Würth is tasked with shipping tens of billions of tools and components to keep the world’s manufacturing sites operating smoothly. In order to succeed, we have to constantly look internally to see where we can do better and how we can use resources to improve our client’s business.

In evaluating the manufacturing landscape over the last several years, it has become clear that additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, poses the largest opportunity to fundamentally change our industry. For the last two years Würth has been piloting various programs utilizing 3D technology. What we have developed is a program that can get our customers to market faster, substantially reduce cost, mitigate production issues, increase sustainability, and solve everyday problems on the floor.

Würth has partnered with the best suppliers of equipment and material to ensure that we are reliable enough for our customers to use today. After two years of evaluation, we are ready to roll out our program on a national level. The impact of additive manufacturing is undeniable, not in the future but right now. We are confident that what we have created will optimize our clients supply chain and provide them with a method to get to market faster, easier, and reduce costs.

So, how does it work? It’s actually quite easy to understand.

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Right now, if you need a part, you source it and have it shipped to you. 3D printing eliminates the need to source and ship and allows you to print that part immediately in your facility. Now, just because you can print a part doesn’t mean that it is the most economical way to do it.

You need to understand where this poses the biggest impact on time and cost savings. What we have found with our clients who utilize this technology is by focusing on specialty low use parts, tooling, parts with complex geometry, prototypes, and end of life parts are able to drive down cost substantially. It is not uncommon to save 70% or more in cost and more importantly, 70% of their time. Now this may seem too good to be true, but it’s not. We can plug this technology into our client’s facilities today and have a positive impact immediately.

They key to doing this is our partnership with Markforged. They are the leader in their industry and are helping innovate manufacturing all over the world. Their materials and equipment are ready for our client’s everyday production needs. You now can easily create composite parts that are strong as metal or actually print in metal, even copper. They are so widley trusted that the United States Marine Corps uses them to print parts for the F-35 Fighter Jet.

We are very exciting to have Markforged as a strategic partnership and together we intend to bring an unprecedented value to our clients. Stay tuned for more information as we roll this program out nationally.

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