AM Solutions Product Lineup

AM Solutions – 3D post processing technologies offers industrial solutions for partial to fully automated post processing of polymer and metal additive parts for all printing technologies.

We cover the entire spectrum from equipment and process consumables to process development, technical expertise and training. This ensures that all parts of the process work seamlessly to ensure the best possible outcome. Our products and services are designed to provide stable and repeatable processing that will benefit you through increased productivity, improved quality, a reduced post processing costs. Our product portfolio taps into decades of experience in developing tailor made surface finishing solutions for a wide range of industries from aerospace and medical to automotive and industrial products.

We provide tailor made post-processing solutions for:

• Unpacking of work pieces
• Removal of support structures
• Removal of loose and sintered powder from the component surface
• Smoothing and cleaning of internal passages
• Surface cleaning
• Surface homogenization, surface grinding & smoothing and (high gloss) polishing
• Surface preparation for subsequent manufacturing steps, e.g. coating and painting
• Application of a color dye on plastic components produced with selective laser sintering

• Decades of experience in the field of surface preparation and surface finishing
• Innovative, customer focused process development for additive manufacturing operations
• Customized processes for every work piece and every production stage
• Consultation for the optimal AM-suitable design of individual components
• Wide equipment range for surface preparation and surface finishing
• Consumables, which were specifically developed for treating 3D printed components
• Broad service package for all your post processing challenges
Post Process
Pre Process

Experts of AM Solutions – 3D post processing technology can tap into the vast experience of the Rosler Group and provide industrial finishing solutions tailor made to your individual needs. Our dedicated AM Solutions systems are designed with automation and process stability in mind. The state of the art controls and monitoring systems ensure the digital thread extends into the post processing applications.

As the demands of industrial clients for additive volume production expands, the need for fully automatic solutions becomes more and more apparent. AM Solutions offers a broad range of products utilizing different technologies such as mass finishing and shot blasting. The equipment range fulfills all post processing needs for 3D printed components and not only includes unpacking, removal of support structures, removal of loose & sintered residual powder, but also surface cleaning, edge radiusing, surface smoothing, high gloss polishing and, even, the application of color dyes. These proven solutions offer fully automatic, highly efficient post processing with consistent and repeatable results. Of course, the machines can be easily integrated into interconnected manufacturing systems.

The Wurth Additive Group Sales experts are working closely with the AM Solutions team to understand your additive manufacturing process. This is critical in identifying your pain points, develop the best process for your production, and designing and delivering the customized solutions to you.

Our support goes beyond just suppling a piece of equipment. We take all process steps into account including design optimizations for post processing, a holistic process development including equipment, dedicated process consumables, service and support of the machines, and training.

Please contact your Wurth Additive Group Sales expert to start a conversation about your additive post processing needs.

AM Consumables


A repeatable process can only be achieved by using the highest quality process materials. And post processing is no different. AM Solutions developes and manufactures special process consumables for the challenges of post processing 3D printed parts for a variety of materials, from various metals, to soft and hard polymers and even elastomers. With consumables, equipment, and process development all from a single source, you can rest assured that all components work harmoniously to achieve the best results.

Our consumables product range includes grinding and polishing media, compounds for customized mass finishing processes, as well as shot blasting media. Pairing the experience of the AM Solutions specialists in our dedicated test centers with the largest assortment of process consumables ensures that we develop the optimal solutions for your individual application that meets the technical and economical requirements.

The range of consumable include

• Grinding and polishing media

• Compounds

• Blasting media