Würth Knowing – Behind the Scenes

Our new Engineering YouTube Series, Würth Knowing, dives into topics related to fastener engineering, bolted joint design, and fastener assembly. From basic to complex concepts—discussion, demonstrations, testing, and even a funny story or two help us learn and understand the science behind fastening!

The show is hosted by Randy Lammers, Technical Instructor, and Aaron Keevan, Applications Engineer, on a set we built in Randy’s east Texas workshop. It is inspired by our industry-renowned Fastener Academy training, and the first 6-episode season covers the training’s most popular courses. We wanted to make the often highly technical information more accessible to a wider audience, by presenting the it in a more condensed and approachable way. The episodes are punctuated by stories from Randy’s years in the industry, appearances by his Uncle Mo, animated graphics, and more, all to illustrate the topics discussed in the show.

The coordination of the project was spearheaded by Molly Hauer, Marketing Communications Manager, and supported by Mary Schaefbauer, Marketing Coordinator.

Würth Knowing Set Before and After

Randy dedicated a corner of his workshop to become the set of Würth Knowing, and we decorated it with Würth products and memorabilia, a variety of fasteners, some of Randy’s own décor elements and tools, and of course, the signature neon sign.

We chose a Houston-based video production company to work with in mid-October 2020, and filmed the first six episodes over the course of four filming days spread between December and February, wrapping up Season 1 at the end of February.

Please note that COVID-19 safety precautions were observed prior to and during filming.

Setting up before each filming session includes getting the film crew’s lights, the sound system, and the camera ready, and getting the guys “mic’d up.”

Randy and Aaron have both been surprised by the amount of time it takes to film just one 15-20-minute episode. It’s no easy task to get comfortable in front of the camera, remember your lines, and present them in a natural, conversational way… and then repeat everything two more times to make sure the film crew gets every angle.

Creating Würth Knowing has been a learning process for the whole team, but it has been a very fun experience as well!

We are excited to provide education on topics related to fastener engineering and beyond, in an entertaining and accessible way, through Würth Knowing. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and click the bell icon so you never miss an episode!

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