WSX445 Double Sided Indexable Face Mill

WSX445 Face Mill

The WSX445 is a double-sided insert type face milling cutter, with an innovative cutting edge. It’s a perfect balance between convenience and high efficiency. This general purpose double-sided insert type face mill features low cutting resistance, as well as many other valuable features.

Designed to Control Abnormal Insert Breakage and Body Damage

The unique conical insert pocket seating and Anti Fly Insert mechanism (A.F.I) combine to securely hold the insert. Since the outer edge of the insert is not in contact with the cutter body, damage from sudden fracturing is unlikely to cause damage. Shims are not needed due to the high rigidity of the thick insert.


Through Coolant Holes

Improves chip discharge and prevents chip welding.

Unique Double Z Insert Geometry

Mitsubishi Materials’ proprietary “Double-Sided, Z Geometry” insert features sharp cutting edges with low cutting resistance by utilizing features of conventional positive and negative rake inserts.

Cutting Resistance

WSX445’s low cutting resistance equals that of single-sided insert cutters. The low axial and radical forces reduces vibrations to a minimum. There is a 40% lower cutting resistance compared to negative and positive rake inserts.

Chip Discharge Effect

Chips are discharges outwardly because of the negative/positive edge design. This helps prevent jamming of continuous chips and the coolant hole.

Abrasive Damage from Chips

Depth of cut can be set without regard to the used corner.

Abrasive Damage Example

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