Celebrating Women's History Month

We're celebrating Women's History Month by featuring just a few of the many dedicated and skilled women on our team. Each one brings their unique talents, expertise, and unwavering dedication to excellence to their roles every day. Thanks to the contributions of these and all of the women on our team, we're able to deliver outstanding service to our customers.

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My typical day involves meticulously inspecting parts to ensure their accuracy and quality. Additionally, I take charge of overseeing the Receiving Department, ensuring its seamless and efficient operation.

I enjoy learning new things every day. I get to talk to different people, whether it be through email, phone or in person. I also enjoy training my team on the skills I have learned in the time I have been with Würth.

In a day I answer emails, enter orders, purchase parts, maintain customer inventory with spreadsheets, and help my fellow employees. I read during my lunch break while eating a salad and then get back to work doing what I enjoy.

I most enjoy the diversity of the companies that I take care of, both the people and the products they use. I also enjoy the people I see every day at work. We are a family away from home.

Out of all the positions I’ve held over the years, Customer Service/Inside Sales is what I enjoy the most. I love taking care of customers and helping to solve any problems they think they might be heading for. It’s a part of my personality to take care of others.

My Dad always taught us that when you wake up in the morning and go to work because you want to, then that’s the job you stick with. Here I am, 27 ½ years with Würth + 10 more years from the same Industry when I started out.

In my work, I prepare PPAP documentation and Certificates for our customers, carry out dimensional and material analyses in our laboratory, and manage and monitor the calibrations of the company’s equipment. I also prepare KPIs for the Quality area and provide support to our areas and customers.

Würth is a company that highly values its employees and this is the company’s biggest differentiator. Working in Quality is challenging, but this was the area in which I found myself and I’m happy to be able to help our customers and my colleagues. I’ve been working at Würth Industry for almost seven years and since the beginning, the company has provided me with professional and personal growth, for which I can only be grateful.

When I get to work, I have to set up and run our portal while making sure that everything is ready for our orders and scans to come through during the day.

Once I get everything set up, I start printing and handing out the pick tickets to my pickers so we can get our customers’ orders picked and shipped in an efficient manner. Also during the day, I am keeping up with emails, today orders, transfers, and checking the orders once they get picked. Last, I make sure the trucks show up and load them so the parts can be distributed to our customers.

I have never had a job that I actually liked going to until this one. The people and working environment make it a place I don’t dread coming to everyday. Also, this company takes care of its employees and makes us feel like family.

Days can be drastically different—heavy meetings, heavy employee needs, heavy projects. I may have a presentation or a lunch and learn to deliver. I learned a long time ago to never plan on a day going as planned. Flexibility is important in HR. Priorities can shift quickly, we must adjust and my job as a leader is to help employees and my team no matter what.

There is so much I enjoy, I truly consider myself to be lucky as my job is my passion. Is it hard and at times mentally draining? Of course, but it rarely feels like work, a word that has such a negative connotation.

Every day I receive the opportunity to make a difference in an employee’s life, to help a person meet his or her goal, to develop a person or group, to drive a group to a true team dynamic, to improve a business. I can’t imagine anything better.

During a day at work, I learn new warehouse procedures and increase my understanding of parts and customer’s needs every day.

I enjoy talking with my coworkers and learning new things.

Prior to joining the fastener industry, I worked in the Medical Field for 10+ years. With that many years I was on the hunt for something more challenging, and boy, did I find it with fasteners. Marine Fasteners (a division of Würth Industry North America) found me in 2022 when my dad who was working there at the time mentioned it. I started out as Sales Support, and was recently promoted to an Inside Sales Specialist.

In 2023 I was selected as the winner of the Edith Cameron Scholarship and was able to attend the International Fastener Expo in Las Vegas September 2023 with the Women In The Fastener Industry Group. That was an amazing opportunity that made me love this industry even more! In 2024, I was ecstatic to accept a Board Member Position with the Women In The Faster Industry (WIFI).

One of the things I enjoy about Sales is helping people and companies meet their goals. It is what drew me to the Medical Field and I’m happy I get to continue it with Marine Fasteners as well. It is also nice to meet to people, travel, and there is always more to learn. Sales constantly challenges you and it is easy to track your success. It definitely keeps you on your toes, and no two days are the same.

I am responsible for capturing a photographs for the company, used across various media and for various purposes. These include welcoming new employees by conducting profile photoshoots, participating in off-site photoshoots to capture compelling visuals, and capture memorable moments at corporate events. I also enjoy the art of retouching, ensuring a polished and professional look for images used across different purposes, and I'm responsible for loading high-quality images for product displays on the company website, enhancing the visual appeal of our products.

What I love most about my job is the opportunity to meet new people, collaborate with different departments, travel opportunities, and of course, the joy of photography.

I work in the Customer Service area and I’m always in contact with our customers and our External Sales team, all so that we can always deliver the best service. In addition to routine order scheduling and clarifying questions, I’m always carrying out analyses and follow-ups with our customers. I help everyone with whatever is necessary. I also maintain daily contact with the other areas of our company, after all, we all have the same objective, which is to serve our customers in the best possible way.

Würth Industry is a structured, organized company, with different benefits, and is also very close to my home, which brings me quality of life. Here I learn daily from our customers, and my colleagues, how to overcome challenges, which brings personal and professional growth. Being able to service our customers with excellence, in a company that treats all employees so well, is extremely rewarding.

I work within the operation of one of Würth Industry’s largest customers, and my main activity is to provide all necessary support for customer service. Our main objective is to meet all needs, improving their experience with our products and services provided.

I like working at Würth, as it’s a company that has integrity, social responsibility, respect, and teamwork. Furthermore, we are a company that works hard to bring innovations to our customers.

My work is to handle the fasteners that our customers use in their production. I work daily at the customers' plants, receiving the items and allocating them to the KLT boxes that supply the customers' operation. The mission is always to provide the customer with the right product, at the right time, and in the right quantity.

Working at Würth is rewarding because it’s a very diverse company, which allows me to learn a little more every day. I have the opportunity to pass on my knowledge and apply relevant improvements daily, all to serve our customers in the best possible way.

There are no two days that are alike as is the case for many Key Account Managers. Some days I am traveling between the different facilities and looking for opportunities for new parts. Other days I may be in meetings or chasing hot parts. Whatever is needing to be done or whoever I can help is where I want to be.

The best part of my job is working with the talented team members we have that service our accounts, as well as all the people I get to work with, many are close friends and family. Entertaining the customer takes a whole different meaning in such a rural setting when you have personal relations, as well as work relations with the same people.

I started my career at Würth in 2002. Years ago, we had a company motto that was “For us it's personal”. Today, I still conduct myself based on this motto and guide my work ethics by it. I will do whatever it takes to make sure the customer is taken care of, and their needs are met according to the timeline that works best for their business.

My routine at Würth Industry is dedicated to workplace safety and organizing training, I make sure that the documents involving these two points are valid and follow all customer requirements. I’m also responsible for raising awareness among everyone about carrying out work procedures safely and avoiding risks to oneself and other people, at our headquarters and in our services. I have the autonomy to perform my role and put my knowledge into practice.

What makes my eyes shine about working at Würth Industry are the people who work with me daily, incredible professionals who help with my professional development. I also like the feeling of being involved with everyone, since job security is for customers, suppliers, and especially our employees. Furthermore, I can contribute to the development of the company and I feel very happy in the role I’m in today, I enjoy working and serving people. I’m very grateful to be part of the Würth team.

My main role is to manage the Supply Chain Team. We are responsible for the stock, we control all the steps of the process including planning, keeping track of, receiving, and verifying the material and making it available for the Sales team, guaranteeing our customers' satisfaction. We are responsible for managing our suppliers as well; maintaining a clear communication channel with them is essential so that their needs are met at the right time.

I really appreciate the core values of the company. In our Director's room, there is a sentence that really represents me: "Start with your heart". I love what I do here in the company.

I consider myself a challenge-driven person and Supply Chain is a passionate area, which provides me with a daily amount of knowledge. In addition, it allows me to contribute to more efficient inventory management and meeting our customers' needs. Ensuring our customers' satisfaction and creating a loyalty feeling is something that really motivates me.

People are another key factor for me. I believe it is essential to recognize and understand that people are the heart and soul of our company. They are the ones who drive and personify our values. This engagement is the first step to ensuring excellence in the services provided to our customers.

We have extremely competent and committed professionals in our team who truly love the company. We are the Würth Family.

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