Did you know that your business will become more sustainable when you partner with us for your industrial inventory management? We develop comprehensive inventory management solutions that maximize your purchasing, production, and material flow, reducing your environmental footprint.

How do we make our customers more sustainable?

A Würth Kanban bin rack that makes fastener supply more efficient and sustainable

Data-driven and Sustainable Systems

With our automated supply solutions, we’re creating the sustainable fastener inventory management of the future. Würth’s Kanban vendor managed inventory systems optimize delivery cycles based on actual needs and consumption, shorten reaction times, and make transportation and logistics more efficient. By utilizing our systems, you can reduce the CO2 emissions of your fastener supply by more than 50 percent.

Additionally, our fully automated industrial vending solutions for MRO and safety supplies reduce product consumption by up to 35%, meaning that 35% less product needs to be created and packaged.

A Würth box truck containing consolidated products to reduce trips and emissions

Streamlined and Sustainable Logistics Solutions

When you consolidate your industrial product supply by partnering with us as a single-source supplier, you reduce the emissions produced by product transportation.

Our Kanban racking systems maximize your facilities by saving up to 40% of shelf space, requiring less energy to manage more parts.

A 3D printer supplied by Würth that makes manufacturing more sustainable

Industry-leading and Sustainable Technology

Our industrial 3D printing and digital inventory solutions further reduce transportation needs and energy use by bringing manufacturing into customers’ facilities, eliminating the need to transport prototypes and even fully-functional parts from across the globe.

The 3D printing process is more sustainable than traditional methods of manufacturing. Subtractive manufacturing (such as CNC, die cutting, or other machining processes) removes material to create products, and that waste material is often discarded. In contrast, additive manufacturing prints parts layer-by-layer, using only as much material as is needed to create a part to exact specifications—minimizing waste and material consumption.

Graphic of world map to illustrate Würth’s global supplier network which audits suppliers for sustainability

Secure and Sustainable Supplier Network

Ensuring that the products we supply meet and exceed your quality standards is our top priority. We have implemented a global network of supplier auditors who systematically and transparently check, audit, and further develop our local suppliers. We base these audits on criteria such as product quality, environmental impact, occupational safety, and compliance with legal and ethical standards.

Würth team participating in trash cleanup sustainability initiative

We are Committed to Sustainability

Organizational and personal sustainability improvements are core priorities at Würth Industry North America. Our leadership and employee committees alike drive internal sustainability initiatives and employee engagement opportunities, and our whole team embraces and takes action to implement them.

Our sustainability task force, the Green Team, comprises sustainability advocates from our team who have come together across different departments and divisions. They develop practical solutions to improve their divisions’ sustainability and conduct comprehensive sustainability reporting for the Würth Group’s corporate sustainability report.

Within our organization and at Würth Industry companies worldwide, we strive for sustainability through the intentional and responsible use of natural, financial, and human resources. We are improving our sustainability in all business activities in more than 60 companies in more than 40 countries.

Learn more about sustainability at Würth Industry North America and across the Würth Group.