Meet The Green Team

The Würth Group and Würth Industry North America are committed to making ourselves and the global supply chain more sustainable. We are pleased to announce the formation of our North American sustainability task force that is taking action on this commitment: the Würth Americas Green Team!

The Würth Group’s Corporate Sustainability team has outlined three pillar goals for sustainability for the organization: carbon neutrality, creation of a circular economy, and social responsibility. Rainer Bürkert, Member of the Central Managing Board of the Würth Group and head of Würth’s global Industry companies, is dedicated to supporting the execution of these goals and led the creation of regional “Green Team” sustainability task forces in Würth Industry companies in Europe, Asia, and North America.

The goals of the Green Teams are to develop practical solutions to improve their regional business units’ sustainability and conduct comprehensive sustainability reporting for the Würth Group’s corporate sustainability report. This reporting is aligned with the global sustainability indicators of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the accounting standard for greenhouse gas emissions according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, and the strategic direction laid out by the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Read the Würth Group's Circular Way Magazine to learn more about our global plans to achieve our sustainability goals.

It's important to us that the actions we take to improve our sustainability come from inside our organization and can be tested and implemented by individuals who understand our business. That's why the Green Team is made up of sustainability advocates from the Würth Industry North America team, who have come together across different departments and divisions. These team members have an inside perspective on opportunities for improvement, and the familiarity with our organization needed to execute solutions. As they work together to create sustainable improvements, they share the best practices they discover with other Green Teams and the Würth Group’s Corporate Sustainability department to benefit the improvement of our whole organization.

Meet the Americas Green Team:

Achim Grenner_CFO
Rusty Partch_Marketing and Communications Manager
Debra Wolfe_Operations Controller
Tim Edlin_Finance Manager
Alejandro Oliva_IT Manager
Melissa Obernesser_IT Project Manager
Brady Meyers_Business Development Manager
Abe Oritz_Houston Branch Manager

The Green Team's initiatives and projects will focus on four key areas:

•  Operations - Address value lost through operations and by-products of business processes like energy, emissions, water, and waste

•  Culture & Organization - Refine the organization's sustainability practices, policies, and procedures, and inspire the whole Würth Industry North America team to get involved in sustainability initiatives

•  Products - Rethink design, lifecycle, and end-use of products and services to optimize usage, eliminate waste, and close product loops

•  Ecosystem - Partner with public and private-sector partners to apply best practices

At the global and local levels, we understand that we have only one earth and only one chance to make life sustainable. As Bettina Würth, Chairwoman of the Advisory Board of the Würth Group, says:

           "The solution lies in placing our value system and our culture on a foundation that is fair to future generations."

Through the efforts of the Green Team and the whole Würth Group, we plan to do just that.

Read more about our commitment to sustainability, or contact us to learn more.