How is Digital Inventory Management Used in Additive Manufacturing?

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Würth Additive Group’s 3D printing services offer a streamlined and efficient method to simplify your supply chain, reduce development times, and increase the ability to adapt to customers’ needs.

Würth’s 3D Printing Delivers:

  • Decades of experience in C-Parts and supply chain management
  • Lower purchasing costs and significant cost savings so you can concentrate on your core business
  • Engineering expertise during the design phase, saving you time and money with more efficient fastening solutions. Reducing component count and increasing installation efficiency adds to your bottom line.
  • A qualified sourcing team to verify dimensions and provide your printed part to our suppliers. A model in hand, with exact dimensions, means efficiency is increased and down-time risk is lessened.
  • An on-demand, knowledgeable sales team ready to discuss the different materials and printing capabilities available.
  • Printing resources from value-oriented to the highest specification available

We offer a digital industrial solution for:


  • “Metal on-demand” capabilities expand the scope of problem-solving on your production floor
  • Wide range of metal and polymer materials allow you to design for strength, stress, and impact
  • Quickly prototype new ideas at a low cost to provide the best solution
  • Software that allows an engineering team to have the same standardized parts library nationwide or around the globe

Line Supervisors:

  • Digital Kanban of replacement parts/tools/fixtures keep the line running with minimal downtime or cost
  • Increase speed, efficiency, or ergonomics in assembly with custom tools
  • Cut down on standing inventory space by keeping a digital library of slow running components


  • We provide 3D drawings, prototypes, and recommendations on potential cost-saving
  • opportunities
  • As you gather forecast information we can give prospective pricing to help you project costs
  • Take ideas from prototype, to pilot build, to full production - faster than the competition
  • Accelerate and supports a SKU’s lifecycle

Company Management:

  • Connect any number of facilities with a standardized process
  • We curate your digital parts library, instantly standardizing your parts catalog across sites
  • New tools or components can easily launch at all facilities, streamlining logistics and ensuring the right parts are at all locations
  • The Würth CPS and 3D programs give a worldwide platform to cut waste in your supply chain

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