Get to Know Würth Industrial Division


Maintaining the right stock of C-Parts, which have low value but high procurement and processing costs, can be an expensive, time-consuming process. Why not leave that to us?

Our comprehensive inventory management support goes beyond the physical systems and solutions we offer—it extends to the expertise and service we provide you to support those systems.

Würth makes unparalleled partnership possible

Partnership is at the core of everything we do. Our team members from every department become an extension of your team, developing personal relationships and investing in your success.

From detailed, individual project planning and implementation of your systems, to managing planning, procurement, and quality control, right up to handling the storage and distribution of goods to the production line—we work closely with our customers and value mutual respect and transparency above all.

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Würth makes VMI data driven

The proven success of our vendor-managed inventory (VMI) programs is driven by our robust, automated data collection process. Each time a fastener is removed from a bin, the bin is scanned. We obtain data from each scan that we use in conjunction with your forecasts to improve and “right-size” your custom programs.

This industry-leading approach drives costs out of your operations, allowing you to focus on core aspects of your business and your bottom line.

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Würth makes technical expertise accessible

Our North American network of engineers provides you with vast industry knowledge, personalized for your applications, so that you can concentrate on your core objectives.

Our engineers partner with you from design to final assembly to reduce waste, eliminate errors, and drive down costs through product reviews, line walks, ergonomic and process flow improvements, part consolidation efforts, and more.

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