Get to Know Würth Construction Services

Würth Construction Services, a division of Würth Industry North America, offers more than 230 years of experience serving the needs of the construction and structural steel industries to build some of the United States’ most renowned structures.

In construction, an efficient supply chain is essential to ensuring a successful project. We understand this importance and offer solutions that reduce cost, minimize delays, and deliver the right product to finish your job on time. You can virtually eliminate your fastener inventory and depend on us to keep you supplied.


Our experienced project managers coordinate closely with you and your contractors to create a project plan that ensures on-time delivery of exactly the amount of product needed. This streamlines the building process, eliminates the need to store large quantities of bolts on-site, and minimizes waste.

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We provide you with a single source for structural fasteners, anchor bolts, PPE and safety equipment, and jobsite tools and supplies.

You’ll save costs by partnering with us as your full-service construction products supplier and inventory manager, and our years of experience in each product category ensures that we do not sacrifice quality or expertise for product range.

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There are few applications more critical than structural bolting. It’s important that the fasteners holding buildings, bridges, and other structures together meet all of the necessary quality requirements to ensure that those structures are safe and sound.

When you partner with us, you can be confident in the quality of your structural assembly components. Würth’s global network of Supplier Quality Engineers carefully source control suppliers, we offer RCSC-approved in-house quality testing for your assemblies, and traceability is strictly maintained, so you can rest assured in the safety of your project.

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We’re supply chain solution experts strategically aligned into focused divisions to provide our customers with superior supply chain security through a comprehensive range of products and customized solutions. Learn more about how our other divisions can support you:

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