Würth Additive Group Signs Agreement to Distribute ARBURG 3D Printers Across US and Canada

For Immediate Release -- April 20, 2021

Indianapolis, IN, USA – Würth Additive Group announced today that it has signed a national agreement with ARBURG Inc., the leading global manufacturer of injection molding machines for plastics processing, to distribute the company’s patented freeformer additive manufacturing technology throughout the US and Canada. The agreement expands the suite of 3D printing technology offerings of Würth Additive Group and will serve customers in the general manufacturing market, as well as oil & gas, heavy equipment, and transportation with product and material development.

“The ARBURG Plastic Freeforming (APF) technology allows us to tap into a whole new range of options for industrial additive manufacturing,” said AJ Strandquist, Chief Executive Officer for Würth Additive Group. “Our customers will benefit from the adaptability of the freeformer, as it allows for maximum customization through an extensive materials database. We continue to fill in the gaps for our customers who are adopting additive and provide support in every avenue they need to be successful. Adding the ARBURG system adds yet another level of additive service.”

“We are excited to continue to grow our additive strategic supplier portfolio by partnering with ARBURG,” said Dan Hill, chief executive officer for Würth Industry North America. “The formation of our new company, Würth Additive Group, was critical as we continue to deliver and expand on enabling, implementing, and supporting digital supply chain solutions that are dependable and beneficial for our customers to operate and ultimately supply them with process and cost efficiencies.”

“The extensive expertise and high-level portfolio that makes Wurth Additive Group a serious player in the industry also makes them an ideal partner to offer ARBURG’s additive technology,” says Gerry Berberian, National Sales Manager for Additive at ARBURG Inc. “We are excited to work with Wurth Additive to make ARBURG’s game changing APF technology more accessible to a wider community of manufacturers across the nation.”

Würth Additive Group, a Würth Industry North America company, began providing additive solutions to customers in late 2017 with rapid prototyping and printing production tools. It now offers full digital Kanban solutions by integrating 3D printing technology into existing Würth vendor-managed inventory programs. The group continues to expand its strategic supplier portfolio and supports customers with a wide range of printers, additive engineering expertise, digital inventory and cloud storage, and materials for industrial applications. Its digital supply chain strategy includes additive manufacturing/3D printing, digital part files, and inventory assessment software that help customers leverage existing technology and find significant cost savings while reducing operational risk.

About Würth Industry North America

Würth Industry North America (WINA) is a $1 Billion division of the Würth Group, the world’s largest fastener distribution company. WINA is a strategically aligned collective of companies: Würth Adams, Würth Des Moines Bolt, Würth House of Threads, Würth Industry Canada, Würth Industry de Mexico, Würth Revcar, Würth Service Supply, Würth Snider, Würth SW Industry (Würth Brazil), Würth Timberline, Marine Fasteners, Northern Safety & Industrial, Oliver H. Van Horn, and Weinstock Bros., consisting of more than 110 locations across North America. Through the pairing of more than 420,000 parts with a myriad of services, WINA provides custom solutions for almost every industry. Würth products and services include engineering assistance, quality control, inventory management, vending, safety supplies, kitting and assembly, structural fasteners and MRO/industrial supplies. In addition, WINA systems ensure security and quality control through superior supply chain management. For more information on Würth Industry North America, go to wurthindustry.com.

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Würth Industry North America Key facts:

  • 110 locations across North America, Mexico, and Brazil
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