Our Culture


We have remained a family-owned business since we were founded in 1945, so we understand that the core principles of mutual trust, honesty, reliability, and straightforwardness are crucial to effective collaboration and the success and growth of our business and our employees.

We view our employees as our greatest asset, recognizing that each person makes a difference for our customers and the global supply chain and that the difference each of us makes is amplified by collaboration.


The phrase we consider to be most important when working together is “thank you.”

We believe that gratitude, recognition, and respect for employees’ achievements and ideas foster a culture where we feel empowered to think outside the box, try new things, and drive success.


Satisfying our customers is not enough. What drives everything we do is that we want to inspire our customers by offering ideas that make their business progress.

We strive for continuous improvement for ourselves and our customers by simultaneously relying on our over 75 years of expertise and past success and encouraging creativity and curiosity to keep us at the forefront of innovation in every area. That’s why we provide our employees at every level with the support they need to make decisions, develop new ideas, and drive success.