Construction worker utilizing Würth's construction supplies of PPE, fall protection, and structural fasteners


Würth Construction Services, a division of Würth Industry North America, offers more than 230 years of experience serving the needs of the construction and structural steel industries to build some of the United States’ most renowned structures, such as the new World Trade Center, the New NY Bridge Project, the Comcast Building, the Goldman Sachs Building, Tower A at Hudson Yards, Goethals Bridge, and many others.

In construction, an efficient supply chain is essential to ensuring a successful project. We understand this importance and offer solutions that reduce cost, minimize delays, and deliver the right product to finish your job on time. Customers can virtually eliminate their fastener inventory and depend on us to keep them supplied.

We supply and manufacture structural fastener components and provide inventory management, engineering support, kitting solutions, quality assurance, MRO and tooling, and PPE solutions for erectors, fabricators, contractors, and beyond.

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“Anybody can be a supplier when the times are good. It’s when the times aren’t so good that you need the technical support that a company like Würth brings to the table. It’s an intangible part of the relationship that not every supplier has, and we’re thankful that we’re teamed up with [Würth].”

- John O’Quinn, President, High Steel Structures LLC

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The type of service Würth offers us is invaluable because it allows us to make commitments to our customers that we know we can keep, because we have great partners like [Würth] to rely on.”

- David Smith, Project Manager, SteelFab, Inc. North Carolina

Industries Served

  • Commercial Construction
  • Metal Building Manufacturers
  • Transmission & Distribution
  • Civil and Infrastructure Projects
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Glass & Façade Installation
  • Concrete Trade
  • Mechanical Trades (Electrical, Plumbing, etc.)
  • Roofing Industry
  • Dock Builders
Tappan Zee bridge featuring Würth's construction supplies of structural fasteners


We provide our customers with a single source for structural fasteners, anchor bolts, PPE and safety equipment, and jobsite tools and supplies.

Our customers save costs by partnering with us as their full-service construction products supplier and inventory manager, and our years of experience in each product category ensures that we do not sacrifice quality or expertise for product range.

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All of our products are compliant with current ASTM standards, and are accompanied by documentation to comply with all project requirements. We offer in-house testing and onsite training to comply with the Research Council on Structural Connections (RCSC)-approved methods and installation.

Our line of structural fasteners includes but is not limited to:

Structural Bolts – F3125 (A325, A490, A354, A449 Heavy Hex Bolts; F1852, F2280 Twist-off assemblies)

Structural Nuts – A563 (Grade C, Grade DH), A194 (Grade 2H), Finished Hex, Locking, Jam and more

Structural Washers – F436 (all finishes)

Direct Tension Indicators – F959 (classic and self-indicating)

Anchor Bolts – Double-end studs, single-end studs, expansion anchors, L-shaped anchors, threaded rod, epoxy anchors

Weld and Thread Studs – Threaded weld studs, concrete anchors, all-thread rod, and all-thread studs

Made-to-Order Parts – Hot-formed, sag rods, drift pins

Finishes – Hot-dipped Galvanized, Mechanical Galvanized, Zinc Flake, Xylan, dry wax lubricant

Construction tools


Our wide inventory of tools, supplies, and other jobsite products from trusted brands is built to serve steel fabricators and erectors, builders, electricians, aluminum and window installers, and mechanical, masonry, and general contractors.

These products include but is not limited to:

Tools for Jobsite- Corded, cordless, and air tools, rotary hammers, hammer drills, generators, concrete saws, air tools, laser levels, air compressors, pipe threaders, socket sets, shovels, core drill rigs, taps and dies, measuring wheels, marking chalk, sprayers

Tools for Fabricators– Magnetic based drills, drill bits, pneumatic impacts, rivet busters, corner reamers, torque wrenches, grinders, Skidmore bolt calibrators, ironworkers’ accessories

Jobsite Products– Ladders, jobsite storage and toolboxes, generators, lighting, fans

Rigging Equipment– Wire and chain slings, chain hoist, lever pullers

Anchors– Shot & pin, mason screws, drop-in anchors, wedge bolt anchors, drive pin anchors, hollow wall anchors, sleeve anchors, nylon anchors, 2-part epoxy system

Supplies– Abrasives, drill bits, saw blades, power cords, tapes, nails, coolers, paints, foam, cutting oil, caulking, lubricants, galvanizing spray, rope

Fall Protection


We provide our customers with customized solutions for all of their safety equipment needs, so they can complete their projects with confidence in their teams’ safety.

Our complete line of safety equipment includes but is not limited to:

Fall Protection – Harnesses, self-retracting lanyards, personal fall limiters, lanyards, anchorage connectors, horizontal lifelines, debris netting

PPE – Hard hats, gloves, safety glasses, safety footwear, reflective safety vests, skin protection, respiratory protection, hearing protection, welding protection

We offer a suite of training and certification programs for safety equipment and tool use. Our goal is to ensure that our customers stay safe on the jobsite, and to equip them with the knowledge to utilize our products’ fullest potential.

Fall Protection Training & Inspections – Training is integral to correct and effective use of fall protection. Our fall protection certified sales representatives evaluate our customers’ fall protection equipment, and provide their teams with training on proper installation and use.

Qualified Shot & Pin Tool Operators Exam & Certification – We provide instruction and certification in safe operation of powder actuated tools.

On-Site Product Training – Our experienced jobsite professionals can evaluate our customers’ tools on-site to ensure that they are using the best tools to complete their projects.

Value-Added Services


Our experienced project managers coordinate closely with our customers and their contractors to create a project plan that ensures on-time delivery of exactly the amount of product needed. This streamlines the building process, eliminates the need to store large quantities of bolts on-site, and minimizes waste.

Our extensive inventory is spread across the United States, we receive regular deliveries from North American steel mills, and we are capable of in-house manufacturing. This enables us to reliably supply our customers and even provide additional supplies on short turnarounds when unanticipated needs occur.

Two of Würth's Supplier Quality Engineers providing construction solutions of quality standards, tracking, and testing


There are few applications more critical than structural bolting. It’s important that the fasteners holding buildings, bridges, and other structures together meet all of the necessary quality requirements to ensure that those structures are safe and sound.

Würth’s global network of Supplier Quality Engineers thoroughly audit our suppliers worldwide to ensure they maintain corporate and social responsibility programs, utilize sound manufacturing processes, and have reliable supplier quality program.

With our A2LA accredited quality lab located in North America, our four additional ISO 17025 accreditations globally in Europe and Asia, and our lab in South America, we can do more than simply ensure the quality of incoming goods—we can also offer in-house testing services to our customers, such as ROCAP and torque tension testing, and retain those test results for our customers’ easy reference. Our in-house testing and onsite training is in compliance with the Research Council on Structural Connections (RCSC)-approved methods and installation.

Additionally, traceability is strictly maintained by delivery, sequence, and lot, tracked via computer-generated labels indicating sequence and lot information.

A construction jobsite supported by Würth's construction solutions of technical expertise provided by structural engineers


Our experienced engineers and technical application specialists provide our customers with technical support throughout their projects, from guidance through the buying process to after-sale support like virtual and on-site consultations and root cause analysis of bolting problems. Our experts are members of the ASTM Committee F16 on Fasteners and the RCSC, ensuring that the information and assistance they provide is completely up-todate on all specifications and standards.

Correct use of structural fasteners is critical to ensure the safety of structures, and to maximize the performance and lifetime of fasteners and joint assemblies. Our experts offer educational programs to provide product information and use instruction to our customers’ various departments, from buyers to the team working on the fabrication floor.


At our Greensboro, NC manufacturing facility, we manufacture made-to-order anchor bolts and other threaded and bent products from a wide range of materials and finishes to meet each of our customers’ projects specific needs.

A worker manufacturing custom structural fasteners, a construction solution provided by Würth

We are ready to partner with you to provide our full suite of products and services to support your projects reliably, just-in-time, and to spec.

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