Fasteners for the Construction Industry | Bridges, High-Rise Buildings, and More

Würth Construction Services includes Weinstock Bros., Inc, Würth House of Threads, Würth Action Bolt, and Atlantic Fasteners, and offers more than 230 years of service to the construction industry. These companies have served the needs of the construction industry to build some of the nation’s most renowned high-rise buildings, skyscrapers and bridges, such as the new World Trade Center, Tappan Zee Bridge, Comcast Building, Goldman Sachs Building, Tower A at Hudson Yards, Goethals Bridge and many others.

World Trade Center in New York City

World Trade Center in New York City

We supply and manufacture structural fastener components, and provide inventory management, engineering support, kitting solutions, quality assurance, MRO and tooling, and PPE solutions for erectors, fabricators, contractors, and beyond.

In construction, an efficient supply chain is essential to ensuring a successful project. We understand this importance and provide customers with a solution that offers on-time delivery, reduces cost, minimizes delays, and delivers the right product to finish your job on time and under budget.

Once partnerships are formed with our customers, their inventory is brought into our contracting branch’s warehouse to facilitate immediate local delivery. Customers can virtually eliminate their fastener inventory and depend on Würth to keep them supplied. We pride ourselves on a quick turn-around time for quotes and the correct sequencing of the parts you need.

Learn more about the Construction Division Companies:

Würth Action Bolt & Tool

Würth House of Threads

Atlantic Fasteners

Weinstock Bros., Inc.

We will meet your specific requirements to get you the necessary tensile strength, meet government regulations, address environmental concerns, or address your specific quality requirements.

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Quality Assurance

Würth has a Global Supplier Quality Engineering (SQE) Network of Supplier Quality Engineers around the world. We utilize one audit format to ensure global consistency. Our suppliers are continuously audited to ensure they have corporate and social responsibility processes in place, have sound manufacturing practices, and sound supplier quality programs themselves.

Würth provides trust and certainty to our customers when it comes to product testing. With our A2LA accredited quality lab located in North America, our four additional ISO 17025 accreditations globally in Europe and Asia, and our lab in South America, we can do more than simply ensure the quality of incoming goods, we can also offer testing services to our customers.

Products: Structural Bolts, Nuts and more

We have the capabilities to manufacture anchor bolts and threaded rod, and to supply all of the structural fastener components required for any construction project. With our extensive experience, we have the capabilities to provide engineering support, kitting solutions, quality assurance solutions, and the structural fastener components required for any construction project, such as:

  • Structural Bolts - F-3125, (A325, A490, A354 tension control assemblies) and more
  • Structural Nuts - A563 (Grade C, 2H & DH), A194, heavy hex, and more
  • Structural Washers - F436 (all finishes)
  • Anchor Bolts - double-end studs, single-end Studs, expansion anchors, “L” shaped anchors, threaded rod, epoxy anchors
  • Anchoring Systems - mechanical, chemical, and rotary hammer drill bits
  • Inserts - such as flange, inserts, thread-serts, and blind inserts
  • Weld and Thread Studs - threaded weld studs, concrete anchors, all-thread rod and all-thread studs
  • Made-to-Order Parts - Hot-formed, Sag Rods, Drift Pins
  • Finishes - Hot-dipped Galvanized, Mechanical Galvanized, Zinc Trivalent, Xylan, Dry Wax Lubricant
  • Iron Worker Accessories, Tools, and Rigging

Construction Industries Served

Structural Steel Fabricators / Heavy Construction

  • Bridge Builders
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial Construction
  • Commercial Construction
  • Electrical Power Plants
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Metal Building Manufacturers
  • Amusement Park Attractions
  • Transmission & Distribution

Manufacturers / Vendor Managed Inventory Systems

  • Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Tractors / Implements
  • Harvesting Equipment
  • Chassis Manufacturers
  • Military Vehicles
  • Rail Car Manufacturers / Repair
  • Automotive Tier 1 Suppliers
  • Manufactured Housing
  • Motor Homes
  • Firetrucks
  • Ambulances

Value-Added Services

Material Traceability

  • Traceability is strictly maintained by delivery, sequence, and lot.
  • Lot tracking logs record keeping and maintenance.
  • All kegs are marked with computer-generated labels indicating sequence and lot information.

Quality Testing

  • Würth retains and stores test results for ready reference.
  • Mill test reports are provided with your order information overlaid in the margin, making it easy to cross-reference and meeting AISC requirements.
  • Our accredited labs are available to test your fasteners and supply computer-generated reports.

Inventory Management

  • Fill in requests at job pricing with no expedited delivery costs.
  • Close coordination with the field, orders delivered as needed, eliminating waste and the need to store large quantities of bolts on site.
  • Our large inventory and regular deliveries from North American mills guarantee availability when unanticipated needs occur.
  • Weinstock offers teamster deliveries in scale boxes on flatbed truck with fewer picks for the crane.

Experts at Your Service

  • Should it be required, technical representatives from our North American suppliers are readily available (as compared to overseas product, where manufacturer support is limited).
  • Our technical expertise is available to solve any bolting issues.

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