Building Better Supply Chain Solutions for Construction Projects

In construction, an efficient supply chain is essential to ensuring a successful project. Würth understands this importance and provides customers with a solution that provides on-time delivery, reduces cost, minimizes delays, and delivers the right product to finish your job on time and on budget.

Our years of experience supplying to the Construction industry means that our team has the knowledge and expertise to provide product, and a strategy that aligns with your project program. Whether you are building bridges or high rises, or your project serves the industrial or commercial construction market, Würth will meet your specific requirements to get you the necessary tensile strength, meet government regulations, address environmental concerns, or address your specific quality requirements.


"There’s no limit to our ability to work together and grow. They want us to be a very happy customer at any cost and it shows."

Commercial Building Construction Company

Why Choose Würth

Between Würth owned companies, Weinstock Bros., Inc and Würth House of Threads, we offer more than 150 years of service to the Construction industry. These companies have served the needs of the construction industry to build some of the nation's most renowned structures, such as the new World Trade Center, Tappan Zee Bridge, Comcast Building, Goldman Sachs Building, and many others.

With our extensive experience, we have the capabilities to provide inventory management solutions that supply all the critical fastener components required for any construction project, such as:

  • Structural bolts, nuts, and washers - including carriage bolts, Grade two, five, and eight plow bolts, and more
  • Construction scerws - self-drilling screws, reamer screws, lath screws, and more
  • Inserts - such as flange, inserts, thread-serts, and blind inserts
  • Weld and Thread Studs - threaded weld studs, concrete anchors, all-thread rod and all-thread studs
  • Anchoring Systems - mechanical, chemical, and rotary hammer drill bits
  • Made to order parts: Hot-formed, Sag Rods, Drift Pins
  • Finishes: Hot-dipped Galvanized, Mechanical Galvanized, Zinc Trivalent, Xylan, Dry Wax Lubricant
  • Ironworker Accessories, Tools, and Rigging
  • Standard fasteners and specialty fasteners
  • Kitting solutions tailored for job sites
  • Engineering support network can assist with product design
  • Highest quality standards – RoCAP to other job specific tests