Custom Technical Drawings and Models for Your Application

CAD Services for your business

Accurate technical drawings are critical in every stage of production. More than just sketches, these documents are a kind of language that communicates the necessary information to create a functioning, reliable part, critical to your application.

Würth offers in-house specialty CAD services to our current customers, as an extension of our Engineering support. In partnership with your Engineering team, Würth can provide 2D and 3D drawings and models from physical samples, product scans, or a sketch. Our complete range of CAD services reduces your in-house Engineering costs, eliminates freelance or contracted work on proprietary designs, and allows your Engineers to focus on critical application work to decrease your time to market.

Current Würth customers can reach out to their Account Engineer or contact Mark Allen at or (515) 306-5037.

If you are interested in our CAD services but are not a Würth customer, please contact us.

Service Offerings

New 2D Drawings

  • Sample to 2D Drawing
  • Scan to CAD
  • Napkin Sketch

Modify 2D Drawings

  • REV Change
  • Format Update
  • Missing Information

Product Inserts

  • Product Identification Templates
CAD Part next to drawing

Our Engineers

Würth Engineers are experts in providing customer support and act as a full-service, on-demand, extension of our customers’ in-house Engineering department. Our Engineers provide a range of value-added services and focus on delivering cost savings and design, efficiency, and safety improvements. With over 700 years of combined experience and a breadth of areas of expertise, the Würth Engineering team provides meaningful and beneficial partnerships to our customers.

Learn more about Engineering Assistance here.