RFID (radio frequency identification) technology provides a faster, more transparent, and more secure system for managing refills of parts in KANBAN storage bins. Radio transmissions of the item and bin data from your facility to Würth generate automated repeat orders without the need for scanning or manual entry.

What does RFID mean to you?

  • C-Parts solutions with radio frequency identification
  • Radio transmission of the item and bin data directly from your production facility to Würth Industry's warehouse
  • Early recognition of demand fluctuations
  • Automated repeat orders without the need for scanning or manual entry
RFID Tag on Kanban Bins

RFID Tag at the Bin

We use systems with passive RFID transponders. The RFID tag, a simple data medium, is used as the basis for every data transmission operation and stores all data such as, the bin type, item number, description, quantity, and batch.

Benefits of RFIDOptimize your processes in purchasing, logistics, and production.

  • Precise flow control of goods
  • Transparent communication
  • Time savings using bulk readings
  • Complete lot tracing possible
  • Improved warehouse and inventory management
  • Better goods availability – reduction of out-of-stocks
  • Identification of usage highs and lows
  • Reduction of human errors
  • Low maintenance