Kanban W-KLT® Proprietary Bins

W-KLT® Bins

W-KLT® Bins

Würth's exclusive design is the solution to storing more material in less space. While traditional Kanban containers can be difficult to transport, access, and store, the W-KLT® overcomes all three challenges.

The W-KLT® features an innovative open-front flap. When opened, the movable flap serves as an indicator that the product is in use. When closed, the bin can be easily stacked and shipped without significant product shift.

Kanban W-KLT® proprietary bins are:

  • Ergonomic, flexible, and offer:
    • Up to 50% more bins per square foot
    • Creating up to 50% more floor space available for use
    • Delivering up to 80% better protection of parts
  • Designed with a unique front-folding flap for easy access and stacking
  • Available in three standard sizes